donations instead of Christmas presents - we join!


Donations instead of Christmas presents - we join!

Instead of presents for our loyal customers, we preferred to donate the money to a regional and non-profit organization that lies close to our hearts - the "Löwenherz". Our donation was handed over to the children's hospice by the management before Christmas. 

Do you know the Children's Hospice "Löwenherz“?

Incurably ill children are admitted to the "Children's Hospice" - together with their parents and siblings. During their illness, they can come to "Löwenherz" for up to four weeks annually. Here, they receive caring support, so that the family can afterwards return home strengthened and with new energy. Professional care is available around the clock. Sick children can also spend their last days of life here. The families are supported in the process of taking leave of their child.

For the sick children, "Löwenherz" is a place where they experience feelings of love and security - from those outside of their own family, as well. A professional team is responsible for the daily care. The parents can recuperate from their daily burden, the sick child is well looked after and the siblings are not separated from the family. Many parents experience at home how stressful and exhausting it is to take care of their seriously ill child. They frequently attend to their son or daughter over month or years. They have to be constantly available, even at night. The threatened loss often depletes their resources. In the process, the child always takes center stage. The siblings often suffer from excessive demands made on the mother and father and feel marginalized.

The Children's Hospice believes it is important that the children can die at home if possible. The parents receive counseling and staff members offer differents means of assistance at their home location. However, the child can also spend his or her last days at "Löwenherz" if it is not possible at home. Especially when last farewells are being said, the support of the team can help the families to experience the child's death in a conscious, loving and dignified manner. The relatives are supported in their mourning at the time of leavetaking.