We are your specialist for commercial foodservice- and catering technology


As Germany’s leading provider of refrigerated and neutral bar counters, bar tops and special products for hotels, restaurants, pubs, catering trades, bakeries, confectioneries and butcher shops,we are your partner for innovative and individual solutions.

HAGOLA Gastronomie-Technik GmbH & Co. KG - founded in 1979 - is based in Goldenstedt - a town in the Northwest of Germany - and is supplier of more than 2,000 customers in Germany and worldwide. Located on an approximately 30,000 square meters production area, HAGOLA has got a state-of-the-art tool and machinery park in which almost all operating processes can be carried out that are needed during the processing of high-grade steel. Approximately 180 qualified employees are working in the production and administration areas and since 2000, HAGOLA is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.

Our product range includes refrigerated bar counters, mobile counters, folding bars, cocktail stations, bar tops, tap columns, wine coolers, neutral counters, cooling tubs, refrigerated display cases, meat counters, cooling and warming plates, bain maries and warming cabinets. Individual made-to-measure products on customer request and a wide standard range offers for each demand the appropriate solution.


Facing the continuously changing challenges of the market together with you, we develop products for and with you that meet your requirements and demands. Trust us: we offer best quality »Made in Germany«, steadily acquired know-how, comprehensive service and an individual all-around support.


»The desires and requirements of our customers are our motivator.«


We have the right products for your requirement and almost every concept. Standard or individual customization - with us you will find solutions.


We handle service works quickly and unbureaucratically. Through our service partner network, we are able to grant you a two-year manufacturer's warranty on material.


We rely on high-quality materials and careful processing, because our products are in daily use. Thus, quality pays twice as a result of easier work and, in the long term, lower costs.


We are regularly »on the road« and also in your vicinity. This signifies for you a reliable planning and deliveries at your earliest convenience.


We develop customised solutions for the special requirements of our customers. That is why we do not do this alone, but in constant dialogue and exchange with you.


For technical support and/or emergencies regarding malfunctions in the refrigeration system, we are available for you round-the-clock.


Our way through history

The medium-sized industrial enterprise HAGOLA Gastronomie-Technik GmbH & Co. KG in Goldenstedt, Lower Saxony/Germany goes back to a joinery founded by the grandfather of today's company owner in 1875, which basically supplied purely all-wood products of all kinds in the regional environment.

Fritz Hakemann, who also learned the carpentry and joiner trade and completed his training with the master's craftsman diploma, took over the company from his father in 1958 as the third generation - full of energy and inventiveness.

With his visions in mind, Fritz Hakemann tried to improve the products of his parents' business by combining wood and stainless steel – still during his father's lifetime and in addition to practising his learned profession - in order to make them more durable and thus, reach a larger clientele. At a very early stage, Fritz Hakemann recognized the opportunity to qualitatively improve the bar tops and refrigerated cabinets and to produce them at a lower cost and by industrial production processes – which until then, were fabricated by a large number of companies using conventional manufacturing methods.


He succeeded in increasing demand and thus further expanding the focus on stainless steel. The first addition to the existing joinery, which was completed in 1960, was followed by further expansions of the production areas thanks to increased industrial production. Today's HAGOLA Gastronomie-Technik GmbH & Co. KG was founded in 1979, initially as a limited liability company.


Nowadays, the entire production area covers approx. 30,000 m² and is still based at the location in Goldenstedt. With the machine and tool park installed there, almost all operations in the processing of stainless steel - such as cutting, deep drawing, bending, stamping, laser cutting, welding, foaming, deburring, grinding and polishing - can be carried out. The result is a wide range of high-quality products that enjoy an excellent reputation on the market.


Passion for »more«

After the original wooden furniture, the counter bar tops were made of fiberglass-polyester - from this HAGOLA developed a wide range of stainless steel-products for refrigerated and neutral counters, bar tops and special products, which can be installed in every gastronomy, hotel and / or catering business thanks to its modular design.

Over the course of time, the range has been expanded to include tap columns, bottle freezers, compact counters, neutral counters, cocktail stations, warming cabinets, cooling tubs, circulating air cooling tubs, refrigerated display cases, refrigerated show cases, contact cooling plates, hot plates, bain maries, refrigerated meat counters, fish and sushi coolers, wine coolers.

Wide-ranged accessories in all areas, individual equipment and design options as well as numerous patents and utility models are examples of the permanent new and further developments of HAGOLA products.


The quality and durability of the products have earned HAGOLA the reputation of the innovative market leader - extensive after-sales service offerings, such as the nationwide tour service and service network including the 24-hour service hotline underline its position as a pioneer and reliable partner.


Well positioned - our strategic focus

The extensive HAGOLA product range is designed to furnish pubs and restaurants, bakeries and pastry shops, cafés, bistros, butcher shops as well as catering- and food service areas. With our innovative strength - grown from almost 150 years of history - we set standards and have the future in view.


Our strategic advantages for you are:

  1. HAGOLA has the widest range of products available in comparison to all other market participants. HAGOLA can fulfill almost any customer request for custom-made products in the fields of gastronomy. There is an unusual wide variety of machines, systems and tools available for this purpose.
  2. HAGOLA products dominate the market due to their high product quality. This is ensured by a well-trained, long-standing staff with high manufacturing know-how, perfect processing at every stage of production and continuous quality control throughout the entire production process.
  3. HAGOLA includes in its product range high-quality, well-known brand manufacturers with high functionality and reliability. Various registered patents and utility models are in one form or another part of the product program. Other patent rights have already been registered.
  4. HAGOLA products are often referred to by HAGOLA retailers and also by end customers as »the measure of all things« in gastronomy technology products.
  5. Following the almost complete market domination in Germany - especially in the area of refrigerated bar counters - the targeted development of defined foreign markets is a strategic step by HAGOLA. Nationally and internationally HAGOLA stands for quality »Made in Germany«.