Always on the move – new build upon the proven

Cycles of innovation are getting shorter – this applies for nearly all areas of our life. The impulses come from many different areas: new technologies open up new possiblities, social changes turn our habits upside down.

Those, who optimally adapt to the demands of their environment, achieve success in the long run. We have learned this principle from nature. The results are products which have made use of the achievements of past generations and have been improved each time. According to this principle, we constantly develop our products and always adapt them to the market and the wishes of our customers.

Product variety - from the idea to a successful product

As the market leader in gastronomy technology, we are your partner for innovative and individual solutions in the field of catering, bakery and butcher technology.

In constant dialogue with our customers, we develop ideas and concepts with suitable products for all special requirements.

A look into the future

What sounds crazy today can be tomorrow's trend and the day after tomorrow normal. We leave nothing to chance, have our eyes and ears everywhere, and constantly develop answers to current trends. Following is moving the industry and us:

  • franchise concepts and event catering
  • innovative »food & beverage«-concepts
  • individual gastronomic overall concepts
    for bakeries and butcher shops
  • snacks and drinks »to go«

»We meet new trends and their requirements with special equipment concepts and product developments that - just like our entire portfolio - also fulfill extraordinary requirements.«