Dinner is served
cooled or kept warm

HAGOLA tubs and more for gastronomy

For cooling and keeping warm of dishes and drinks

Perfect temperatures for all kinds of dishes

For storage, presentation and serving to customers, every dish and drink needs its own individual temperature. Air humidity and temperature have to be adjusted optimally to the cooled and warm kept goods. This is the only way to keep everything fresh, tasty and also appealing to the eye. We offer you – beside our display cases – a variety of different cooling and warm keeping possibilities so that your customers can enjoy your finest selection.


For cooling and presenting cream cakes, cakes, snacks and pralines, salads, sauces or beverage bottles we offer you with our air circulating air cooling tubs, cooling tubs, non-cooled tubs in stainless steel and contact cooling plate always the best solution – the right choice for bakeries, fresh food departments in food retailing or breakfast buffets in hotels.


For storing ice cream a temperature of -18 °C is needed – serving to customers requires a temperature of -12 °C. The compact ice cream cooling tub is the solution for a small but fine extra business with delicious ice cream. For cooling of spirits and freezing of glasses, the deep-freezing tank is the ideal addition for bars.

Keeping warm

Warm and already cooked food has to be stored at 65 °C to serve them ready-to-eat to customers. Bain Maries and heating plates are the best solution for your food servery.

HAGOLA Bain Marie

Get to know our Bain Marie:

  • full-automatic water level controlling 
  • energy-saving and efficiently keeping warm due to thermal insulation with mineral wool 
  • completely made of stainless steel , incl. water supply, water drain and overflow 
  • plug-in version with illuminated main switch

HUW circulating air cooling tubs

optimal cooling due to selective air circulation

  • for cream cakes, cakes, snacks or chocolates
  • with and without adjustable display plate
  • inclined or horizontal installation possible for individual counters

HUW circulating air cooling tub for GN bowls

versatile convection cooling for dishes and snacks in GN bowls

  • for salads, sauces and vegetables in GN bowls, as well as beverage bottles
  • for GN bowls up to 200 mm depth 
  • especially for self-service

HKW, HEW insulated tubs

presentation and cooling of dishes and beverages

  • for salads, sauces and vegetables in GN bowls, as well as beverage bottles 
  • cooling with static cooling system (contact cooling tube system) or cooling in a bed of crushed ice 
  • with or without drip plate (fixed or height-adjustable)

HTK deep-freezing tank

for cooling of bottles and freezing of glasses

  • for spirits bottles and for freezing glass 
  • can be integrated seamless into a bar top
  • deep-freezing up to -18 °C for icecold drinks

HUW ice cream cooling

compact cooling- and serving tub for ice cream

  • for ice cream 
  • practical convection cooling for a profitable additional business with ice cream 
  • deep-freezing up to – 18°C for perfect enjoyment

HKP contact cooling plate

direct cooling of dishes for buffets

  • for cold cuts, cheese, raw food or delicacies (pre-cooled and served on cold-conducting plates)
  • direct cooling of presentation surface in stainless steel due to contact cooling tube system 
  • with deep-drawn or smooth presentation surface

HWP heating plates

heating of dishes at food serveries

  • for hot dishes like casseroles, sauces, vegetables etc. and portioned dishes 
  • direct heat due to heated stainless steel plate 
  • infinitely adjustable temperature control

HBM Bain Marie

efficient heating of cooked dishes

  • for hot dishes like casseroles, sauces, vegetables etc. 
  • heating in a heated water bath
  • full-automatic regulation of water bath with sensor electronics (»First Class« version)