Display cases of any kind
For enjoyment, freshness and taste at its finest

HAGOLA display cases for sweet and hearty food

From cake counters/cases over cheese counters to meat counters for butcher shops

Set on stage – cream cake, cakes, pralines, snacks, meat, cheese and delicacies

The different kinds of display cases are technically individual tailored to the goods which have to be cooled and guarantee – besides the attractive presentation of goods – optimal freshness and best enjoyment. Whether cake counters, snack displays or meat counters – we always offer the best solution for fresh goods and dishes.

Various fields of application:

  • cooling of cream cake
  • cake and snack cooling
  • praline cooling
  • cooling of dishes and beverages

Fields of application

cooling of cream cake

  • bakeries and pastry shops
  • coffee shops, bistros and gas stations
  • food servery in hotels, canteens etc.
  • wherever sensible baked goods and desserts have to be kept cool, presented and served to customers

cake and snack cooling

  • bakeries and pastry shops
  • coffee shops, bistros and gas stations
  • food servery in hotels, canteens etc.
  • wherever cakes, baked goods and snacks of any kind have to be kept cool, presented and served to customers

praline cooling

  • bakeries, coffee shops and pastry shops
  • confectioneries and chocolate manufacturers
  • wherever precious chocolate creations are presented well-tempered and are going to be served to customers

food and beverage cooling (for snacks, salads, sauces and beverage bottles)

  • bakeries, coffee shops and pastry shops
  • bistros and gas stations
  • food servery in canteens etc.
  • self-service in gastronomy
  • wherever dishes and beverage have to be kept cool, presented and served to customers

Good to know

Cream cake, flat cakes, chocolate, sandwiches, fresh salad or sensible meat products – each of the mentioned products need its individual temperature to stay optimal cooled and to be presented in an attractive way. Temperature and humidity are very important for the visual appearance and for keeping fresh the goods.

individual made-to-measure products according to customer’s requirements

Our display cases and showcases offer – together with our meat counters – an extensive programme of standard products and also any different model sizes for nearly every requirement at cooling, keeping warm and presenting of fresh goods of every kind. We will realize your individual wishes and ideas for a perfect display- or showcase.

HFT HAGOLA display cases

for cream cakes, cakes and chocolates

  • as built-in or stand-alone module 
  • width of counter 920 or 1340 mm 
  • now also available with straight front pane – compatible with our show case programme 
  • no daily filling and emptying necessary – thus, the foodstuff keeps fresh much longer
  • high stability of temperature due to heat-insulated glazing 
  • patented swivel flaps made of acrylic glass on waiter’s side (hinged per floor, usable as work- and storage surface)
  • display plates are illuminated individually with patented lamp cooling – no drying-out of the foodstuff


HSC HAGOLA showcases

for cream cakes, cakes, snacks, chocolates, dishes and beverages

  • cooling of delicacies of every kind (models „Kopenhagen“, „Malmö“, „Stockholm“, „Lillehammer“, „Oslo“, „Bergen“ and „Göteborg“)
  • for keeping warm of dishes and snacks (models „Trondheim“ and „Ohio“)
  • product-specific climate
  • filigree look due to nearly frameless construction
  • completely closed glass top with elegant glass wing doors or practical glass sliding doors (with Comfort Close)
  • for waiter service or for self-service
  • sustainable – also available with insulated glazing (especially energy-efficient)


HMT HAGOLA meat counters

for meat, sausages, cheese, raw food and delicacies

  • differential refrigeration or cold reservoir technology
  • module lengths from 937 to 3750 mm
  • strong stainless steel model (merchandise display and substructure)
  • elegant glass tops (curved, inclined or squared)
  • different temperature zones in one counter system possible
  • hygienic and easy to clean materials 
  • individual solutions and an extensive range of accessories
  • attractive LED-illumination